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FPC Student Ministry’s Purpose: Our Youth Ministry exists to REACH out to students, to CONNECT them with other Christians, to help them GROW in their faith, to challenge them to DISCOVER their ministry, and to HONOR God with their lives.  Simply put, we are about BEING and MAKING disciples of Jesus Christ.



This is the prime rally point of the week for our middle and high school students. Each Wednesday students and their friends will experience three things.

1. Fun and excitement

2. Relationships with fellow students and trained adult leaders

3. Growth in who Jesus is and what it means for Him to change and lead our lives

Wednesday nights have an outreach mindset where a student of any faith and background could come and hopefully enjoy the night. On Wednesday night we also do not shy away from proclaiming Jesus and what it means for students to be following Him.

What this looks like:



Middle School and High School students meet separately for an hour between our Sunday morning services. A strong goal for this time is to counteract a growing reality of this time in churches. Students feel it’s boring. We strive to be creative during this hour so that students will be engaged, challenged, and grow. We normally will cover an array of topics that are biblical and relevant to our students.


Our retreats are opportunities for our students to get away for a period of time in hopes of fostering deeper relationships with each other, adult leaders, and God. Each year our high school students attend the Presbyterian Youth Rally in Pierre (usually in March). Dependent on the year we will also do specific retreats with just our youth group.


Throughout the year we will do a number of trips and special events such as going skiing/snowboarding in Mankato, Skyzone night, Valley Fair, Thunder Road and others. The point of these trips is for students to have a blast, grow in relationship with each other, and invite their friends. Trips and events change from year to year.


This is another area of the church that has sadly gained the reputation among students as “boring.” Because of this, we have gone to great lengths to create a process that is meaningful.

Confirmation is a one year process for 9th grade students and older consisting of three main areas: Sunday morning worship, Wednesday Night Youth Group, and Confirmation Workshops. The primary goal of the confirmation process is to grow students in their walks with Jesus Christ in the specific context of the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA). Therefore, an equal emphasis is placed on both knowledge and practicality. We want our students to know what it means to follow Christ and also how to practically do it. Furthermore, we want our students to understand this in the context of what it means to be a Presbyterian in hopes of students choosing to become a member at the end of this process.


Our Church places a high value on the mission of serving and being the face of Christ in and outside of our community. Besides consistently trying to serve the Sioux Falls area, our high school students have the opportunity to go on a weeklong mission trip in the summer. Location and emphasis vary year to year from local to global. Dependent on the year we also do a weeklong mission trip for our middle school students as well.

Check out a video of selected pictures from the 2015 Youth Mission trip to Honduras!

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