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2300 S. West Ave.     Sioux Falls, SD 57105     605.336.2886


Regular Worship Schedule

8:30am   Traditional Worship Service

9:30am   Coffee Fellowship

9:40am   Education Hour

10:30am Coffee Fellowship

11:00am Contemporary Worship Service

Summer Worship Schedule (May - August)

9:30am   Combined Worship Service

10:30am Coffee Fellowship

In gathered worship we celebrate God's active presence in our lives, giving thanks to God for God's transformative love present to us in Jesus Christ. We open ourselves to the Holy Spirit, allowing God to do God's work of healing and restoration.

We are a diverse intergenerational congregation, offering two different worship experiences each Sunday. We believe that God desires to communicate personally with each one of us no matter what our age and that God has put into each of us one of a variety of worship languages. We can learn to appreciate other worship languages, but will always have the one in which we are most comfortable -- the language that best speaks to our hearts. Our two worship experiences don't cover all of the worship languages God has given humanity, but we do try to incorporate elements that can be heard by most people.

The first service is traditional, where God is praised in Scripture, sermon, prayers, hymns accompanied by the pipe organ and special music provided by a full choir. We call the second service of the morning contemporary, realizing that means a lot of different things. For us contemporary is free-flowing and informal with the same Scripture and sermon as the first service. There is more music and those gathered are encouraged to sing along with the praise band. This service is more interactive.

If you are just starting to come to First Presbyterian, choose the worship experience that you think will best align with your God-given worship language. You might want to try one service one week and the other the next.