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Several PW gatherings are held throughout the year.  Look for more information in the Sunday Bulletin, and on the Calendar.

We Nurture Our Faith

Through Bible Study.

Our current schedule is listed each month in the FPC Newsletter,

the Messenger.

PW Supports the Mission

of the Church Worldwide

Presbyterian Women give their money to mission efforts in a number of ways:

Least Coin: The offering of our smallest coins helps women around the world fight poverty and hunger in third world countries.

Thank Offering: Gives us a tangible way to express our gratitude for the special blessings in our lives. It funds projects such as agricultural development, child care, criminal justice, drug counseling, elderly care, homelessness, and literacy. Thank Offering is collected in the fall.

Birthday Offering: This is the opportunity to “give as you are blessed.” The offering funds Birthday Offering grants that range from $200,000 to $750,000.

Purpose of PW

Forgiven and freed by God in Jesus Christ and empowered by
the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves

For More Information, please visit the Presbyterian Women website

Our summer mission project

is the Health Ministries Coffee,

held after a Sunday morning service, to promote a special Health Ministry, which will be announced.

Every three years we hold a Church wide Gathering that is attended by Presbyterian Women from around the world.  For more information go to .

Mission Matters provides ideas for activities that Presbyterian Women supports for individual groups to do. Some possibilities are the Palm Oil Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Education for Nurses Project

in Haiti, Roma Basket Project for the women of Eastern Europe

(micro-enterprises), and more.

Lay Leadership

Every Sunday during the church service a lay person reads the scripture. The women of PW organize and make the list of volunteers to be Sunday Lay Liturgists. To volunteer to be a Lay Reader, please contact Kay Olson at 336-3585.

Martha Ministries

This ministry includes keeping up the kitchens at the church, checking to see that everything is put back where it belongs, checking the refrigerator and freezer to see that all items are marked and dated, and if they are beyond expiration date or several days old, they need to be thrown. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Angie Nelson at 336-3112.

Honorary Life Membership

In December at our PW meeting we give an award of an Honorary Life Membership to an outstanding member of our women’s group. This woman has gone the extra mile to make Presbyterian Women run smoothly. Some women who have recently won this honor are Mary Tidwell, Kathy Anderson, Audrey Rinder, Joan Clark, Dar Mattice, Verrella Severtson, and Marlene Miller. This past December at our Wonders of Christmas evening, Marlene Miller was honored with the Honorary Life Membership.

The Adams Scholarship originated in 1966 and PW supports the scholarship fund with an annual fundraising event. Any person continuing their education in preparation for leadership in various fields of Christian service, including (but not limited to) ordained ministry, mission work, church music, Christian education, or youth leadership is encouraged to apply.

Adams Scholarship Application