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2300 S. West Ave.     Sioux Falls, SD 57105     605.336.2886

To Contact Elders Serving on Session, please use:

*Denotes 2nd Term

Class of 2016

Michelle DeHoogh-Kliewer

Garry Papke

Julie Risty

Class of 2018

*Jo Erickson

*Ruth Parry

*Claire Gillaspey (Clerk of Session)

Class of 2017

Scott Henry

*Bob Leech

Brad Thorson

To Contact the Board of Deacons, please use:

*Denotes 2nd Term

Class of 2016

Pati Ellwein

Candy Engelland

Terry Engelland

Brent Kruse

*Joe Lufkins

*Sharon Small

Class of 2018

Jack Boatright

*Anita Braunschmidt

Meredith DeCou

Jeanette Justice

*Bobbi Lower  (Moderator)

Christy Nicolaisen

Class of 2017

*Barb Amundson-Reiter

Cindy Carlson

Ed Kraayenhof

Lisa Tunge

*Candace Ulmer

*Becky Wartner